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    • Construction spotted at Iranian military site August 29, 2015
      A new report by the International Atomic Energy Agency -- the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog -- indicates Iran is in broad compliance with its nuclear commitments, but also notes with concern indications of construction activity at the Parchin military site, where Iran is suspected of having carried out covert nuclear-related activities in the past.
    • 100,000 balloons released in London August 29, 2015
      It hangs like a low cloud, clusters of porcelain-white spheres forming shadows as if burdened with expectant rain. Gentle white light pulsates through its layers, breathing rhythmically over the ambling shoppers below.
    • How you can help August 29, 2015
      A new report from the UNHCR, the United Nations refugee agency, says that more than 2,500 migrants and refugees have died or gone missing this year while crossing the Mediterranean Sea, seeking a new life. Although nearly 300,000 survived, the journeys remain dangerous and deadly. CNN Impact Your World has gathered ways you can help make the journeys safe.
we are moving

The Truth of God with Pastor Gino Jennings

Greetings, Brothers and Sister’s and Welcome have you heard the good news. Headquarters in Philadelphia is moving and we are too. This web blog can be accessed from our new mobile site by clicking hereĀ or underneath our new web address banner to the left.

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